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I’m a creative marketing machine from Chicago, by way of Boston, Philadelphia, Fort Worth and, most importantly, New Orleans.

I’m also a web video creator. My first web-series The Art of the Deal released in 2016. It’s fairly epic, pretty damn different and beginning to receive critical attention and festival awards. Check it out.

I’ve been working as a creative in the local broadcast TV space for seventeen years; ten as a creative manager. I’ve also had my finger in many other pies: social media management, client development, sales marketing, content creation, art direction, music production and what was once considered djing. However, making video is what I do best.

Currently I am in my fourth year at WFLD, the FOX affiliate in Chicago. I’ve wrapped “The Art of the Deal” and am in the soul-crushing process of shilling the wares. Like how I’m linking to it’s Amazon Prime profile. (See how I did that?) I am a Nintendo fanboy for life, an electronic music obsessive, and a comedy enthusiast.

Here’s some of my favorite work and stories. I hope you find a favorite, yo.

“In a desperate near future, three strangers band together to kidnap a politically connected billionaire in exchange for a massive increase in the national minimum wage.”

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grant hayden horne


message and positioning strategy, campaign creation and implementation, aesthetics and graphic design, social media and relationship marketing, market research, commercial spec production and enterprise content for news and social


all forms of media: audio, video, photography and print; non linear editing and post software including Avid, Final Cut and Adobe Creative Suite; clean and clear copywriting; web content, publishing and social measurement tools; rich media wed ad production and Google Advertising services; nerdy stuff like SPSS and StatTool data analysis software; DSLR videography



I’ve been Creative Manager since April, 2013. I’m here to turn around the company’s overall market brand perception, improve the creative department’s core competencies and manage every aspect of the department’s creative output.


I was Creative Manager from February 2007 through April 2013. I was hired to revive a flagging legacy operation, help build and foster a team of new creative leads, modernize the station’s branding, messaging, visual appeal, programming, production and raise it’s status within the market. It was a job I was proud to leave because we accomplished everything.


I was Senior Producer from October 2000 through February 2007. My lead role here was to spearhead the station’s transition from stodgy to cutting edge. I was instrumental in pushing contemporary design, writing, editing and producing philosophies across departments, while acting as both lead trouble solver and educator-in-chief for the organization.


I was a producer from February 1999 through October 2000. It was that fresh-out-of-college job where everything is thrown at you, you soak it all up, learn what you love professionally and, ultimately, decide you’re good enough to run the joint.



May 2012: I earned an MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA. My study emphasized marketing, organizational behavior, leadership and marketing research.

Dec 1998: I earned a BS from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. I majored in communication focusing on radio, TV and film. My minor was Journalism.


The Best Stuff

Survival of the fittest.

I don’t get to make as much TV as I used to.

Doesn’t mean I can’t have favorites.

This is my favorite work since the beginning.

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When I walk down the street, most guys look like elves
I don’t mean to put them down but they do
It’s hard to understand me from the language I use
There’s no word in English for my style

What’s a man like me supposed to do
With all this extra savoir-faire?
What is left for me to prove, dear?

I know just what to do when the ladies come ’round
You can try to copy me but you’ll fail
Now, you might think you’re different but time will prove me right
When you wake up from your dream I’ll be gone

What’s a man like me supposed to do
With all this extra savoir-faire?
What is left for me to prove, dear?

TMBG/Extra Savoir Faire/John Henry album/1994